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A well equipped library is an inevitable part of any educational institution. In Rose Dale Teacher Training Institute the general library is competent enough to fulfill any educational requirements of students. Our library has at present more than 4,000 books and several journals and periodicals.

We have imparted the modernisation process of our library to a considerable extent. The availability of Internet facility and co-operation of a career center is yet another feature of our library. in addition to teh provision of library facilities to our students, we are opening our library to the neighbouring school.


The Departmrnt of Educational Psychology got constituted even before starting the course. The list of important materials are Koh?s Block Design, Alexander?s Pass along Tes, Rorschach?s Ink Blot Test, Teacher Adjustment Inventory, Raven?s Progressive Matrices (CPM), Test, etc. The Management sponsored The General Mental Ability Test, Teacher Attitude Scale, Multiphasic Interest Inventory, Group Test Intelligence , Eysenck Personality Inventory, Bell?s Adjustment Inventory, etc. (Area : 620 Sq.Ft.)


An Educational Technology lab that satisfies the norms of NCTE is housed in the multipurpose hall. Recently, an L.C.D projector is also purchased. We have started preparation of slides in PowerPoint. The transparencies prepared by the student teachers are yet another component of the Educational Technology.


As the college has two languages optional, a fully equipped language lab was a felt need in the recent past. So the Management, on request of the college, sanctioned the necessary funds to construct the language lab which fulfills the need of the college.

The language lab in our college housed beside the new hall(Malayalam department) has the facility to accommodate 5 students at a time. It is constructed with honeycomb structure. The student consoles are separated by glass partition. Each student console has an earphone with mouthpieces and intercom facilities.


A computer lab with eight computers is maintained for the use of the teachers and student teachers. Two printers are attached with these computers. It is true that teh teacher educators are not expert in computer science. But most of us have computer literacy. For certain school subjects, computerised instruction is given. This computer lab is used to give computer literacy to interested teacher trainees.


The Work Experience Lab is housed i a small room. It has gardener's tools, sewing machine ans kitchen utensils with food preparation and preservation facilities. There is a work table and a cupboard to keep the materials. Gas Stove, Water and Electric supply available in t he lab.

Mazhavella sambhrani Toilet