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According to Swamy Vivekananda education is the manifestation of perfection-already in man.Gandhiji defined education as alround drawingout of best in child and man body mind and spirit,Guru means "The one who removes darkness"Darkness symbolizes the inability to see the reality. The state of mind, entangled in delusions and tendencies. Guru is that inner light which dispels all these clouding from the mind. Thus the self itself shines forth, and radiate joy, peace and love which are its true nature. RoseDale teacher Training Institute founded by V K P Memorial Educational Cultural and Charitable Society in 2004. This is one among the pioneer self-Financing teacher training institute of this District

With immense pleasure we would like to announce that this year onwards the Rose Dale T T I Kallambalam is pro viding an opportunity to get D.Ed (TTC)along with a degree (in Economics/English/History/Psychology). It means those who join for D.Ed(TTC)in 2016-17 academic year can complete D Ed in 2018 and degree in 2019.

We are assisting you to seek the degree of IGNOU and which has national acceptance for job and higher studies. Moreover coaching for PSC tests also provided.

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